Who doesn`t like luxury items? With TAW group you have access to everything luxury in the shortest time. 



Exotic, luxury, classic, suv or building slot? We have access to everything.
With our partners we have direct access to any car you want.
Ferrari, Aston Martin, Bugatti, Mercedes, Rolls Royce, Porsche,.. just let us know what you want and we will take care of rest.
We have access to a great selection of classic cars with official approval from manufacturers.

Luxury & exotic cars

Aston Martin, Bentley, Bugatti, Ferrari, Lamborgini, Zagato,...

Classic cars

Access to classic cars fully restored and with official manufacturer book.

Building slots

Building slots from all manufacturers (Ferrari, Lamborgini,...) and 1of1 customization

Racing cars

Own a race car, Formula or race team.



In these times, having a yacht guarantees you a safe and best vacation all year. Handpicked selection of yachts for sale can satisfy anyone.

Charter selection is also available for you in the Mediterranean, Adriatic and Caribbean.



Luxury yachts from 15 to 130 meters (over 500ft), Sailing yachts and catamarans.

Custom builds

With famous yacht designers and shipyards, we can build a yacht of your dreams.

Yacht charter

Charter any yacht anywhere in the world. From 15 to 120 meters. In
Mediterranean, Carribean or Adriatic.


We take care of your yacht.



Fly anywhere and anytime.
Handpicked selection of jets and helicopters for sale and charter.

Private jets Brokerage

Private jets all ranges and sizes.

Commercial jets brokerage

Commercial jets all ranges and sizes


Jet charter anywhere in the world


Sale and charter of helicopters all sizes

Real estate

Real estate

Anywhere in the world we can purchase real estate for you.

Villas in the Adriatic, chateaus in Switzerland, apartments in Monaco or luxury homes anywhere in the world. We provide commercial properties for purchase too.


Selection of villas for sales worldwide


From one to five bedroom apartments for sale on any continent.

Chalets, lighthouses or castles

anywhere in the world!


Commercial real estate for sale of any type.

Fine things

Fine things

Everyone loves luxury fine things.
Luxury watches, jewelry, art, fashion and much more. Available directly with The Adult Way.

Luxury watches

Rolex, Patek Philippe, AP, Cartier,..
You ask, we deliver any brand and model you want


Diamonds are ladies' best friend. Contact us for jewelry purchase.


Selection of artworks and sculptures for sale from famous painters and sculptors

Wines, Cigars, Fashion

Fine things consist of more than 100 variations. Send us request and we will deliver in a short time

Lifestyle Management

Lifestyle Management

TAW has access to the best restaurants, bars, clubs and events.

Our Lifestyle Management department can take care of any request you have in a short time.

Restaurant, bars and clubs bookings

Bookings for the best restaurants, bars and clubs

Travel assistance

Whenever you travel we will assist you with everything you need. Flight tickets, transport, accommodation,..

Event organisation

Birthdays, team buildings and special occasions, we will organize everything for you

Special requests

You have a special request, contact us!

For any request you have contact us directly